13 February 2012

♥ The One That Got Away ♥

Hye, semua! tadi tasya tengah blogwalking di blog ni. tiba-tiba ternampak post ni and siapa2 yang terbaca post tu automatik ditag oleh tuan blog tu. owh! bestnya. tasya suka soalan ni tau. okey jom mula,jom!

Full Name: Faranatasya Bt Razali

Birthday: 17 November 1999

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 82 Truths about you. At the end, tag your friends. Then tell your friends that she/he is tagged.

1.last beverage: Roti Canai
2.last phone call: Elya
3.last text message:Abang Bucuk
4.last song:Puaskah-Wali Band
5.last time you cried: I can not remember


6.dated someone twice: i don't know
7.been cheated: is also
8.kissed someone and regretted it: do not regretted kissing my friends and my family
9.lost someone special: maybe :'(
10.been depressed: yes, with my homework
11.been drunk and threw up: no,no,no and will not happen


14.shiny black

since last year(2011),have you:

15.made a new friend : a lot
16.fallen out of love : 3 times, maybe
17.laughed until you cry : of couse, that's really funny
18.met someone who changed you : yes
19.found out who your true friends were : yes, my true friends are always with me.
20.found out someone was talking about you : 2 times, kotttt!
21.kissed anyone on your FB friend's list  : yes/girls only ha


22.how many people on your FB friend's list do you know in real life : 300, maybe!
23.do you have any pets : no :'(
24.do you want to change your name : no, i really love my name 
25.what did you do for you last birthday : i celebrate it with my families, friends, BFF and relatives.
26.what time did you wake up today: 6:45
27.what is something you can't wait for : to meet with the approval
28.what were you doing at midninght last night : watch television
29.last time you saw your mother : she's right beside me now
30.what is one thing you wish you could change about your life : many
31.have you even talk to a person name TOM : no
32.what's getting on you nerves right now : suntikan HPV
33.most visited webpage(s) : facebook
34.nickname(s) : Tasya, Natasya, Fara &...........Fasya.
35.Relationship status : in a relationship with Family and friend XD
36.zodiac sign : Scorpion,auww!
37.he or she : she
38.elemetary : hewhew
39.high school : SMA Al-falah
40.college: i'm still in high school
41.hair colour : shiny black
42.long or short hair : short, long, maybe!
43.do you have a crush on someone : no and I hope it will never happen in my life
44.what do you like about yourself : all about my self ( kita kena bersyukur)
45.tattoos: no,no,no,no and never.
46.righty or lefty : righty


47.first surgery : no
48.first piercing : ^_^
48.first best friend : Elya Maisarah
49.first sport you joined : lumba lari. T.T
50.first vacation : kuala terengganu, maybe lah!


51.eating : -
52.drinking : -
53.i'm about to : on9 FB
54.listening to : x tahu tajuk lagu lah
55.waiting to : papa beli carrot susu, dahaga.


56.want kids : yes
57.get married : of course, hehe!
58.career : really2 of course


59.lips or eyes : eyes (dari mata turun ke hati)
60.hug or kisses : both
61.shorter or taller : dont' know
62.older or younger : younger like me
63.romantic or spontaneous :romantic
64.nice stomach or nice arms : i prefer nice hair
65.sensitive or loud : loud
66.hook-up or relationship : relantionship
67.funny or shy : funny


68.kissed a stranger : no
69.drank hard liquor : no, i said again! i don't drink
70.broke someone's heart : i think yes
71.had your own heart broken : yes
72.been arreted : yes, i was 5 years old masa tu
73.turned someone down : yes
74. cried when someone down : yes


75.yourself : no, kadang2 saya tipu diri saya sendiri
76.miracles : yes
77.love at first site : yes 
78.heaven : yes
79.santa clause : no
80.the tooth fairly : no
81.angels/malaikat : yes
82.true loves : yes

(saya tag awak, lepas siap jawab semua soalan ni, bagi link kat saya eh, saya nak baca jawapan awak tau.)

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